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Research & Development, geotechnical innovation, towards greater respect and protection of the environment, greater safety for applicators, ad hoc solutions for the needs of planners and bodies in charge, constant improvement of performance.
Arrigo Gabbioni Italia technical solutions and products are born and developed on the basis of these values.
In detail, the technical solutions and products for soil defence, low impact environmental engineering and land protection, and related technical documentation available in this sector, can be summarized as follows:

  • Pre-coupled anti-erosion geocomposites for facing slopes and embankments: in loose soil (Arco700, mesh + coconut bio-net); for facing slopes with a prevalence of fractured rock and small lithoids (ArMet, mesh + triple twist metal mesh); for lining slopes with a prevalence of fine material and with the possibility of liquefaction and medium-long revegetation times (ArrPet, net + green PET fabric); or with geomat + three-dimensional coconut bionet (ArrMat); embankment anti-erosion and anti-wildlife protection (Arridro, rete

  • New three-layer anti-erosion geocomposites, for facing slopes with a prevalently earthy matrix and small lithoid (Arcomet); for facing slopes with a prevalently earthy matrix and fine material (Arcopet); for hydraulic embankment coatings with earthy and lithoid matrix (Arcopet idro)

  • New ArrFort high performance rockfall nets double twist 3.40 mm wire. (up to 101 kN of punching strength and 86 kN/m of tensile strength); this new typology allows the designer and the Authorities to have a rockfall protection net that is positioned at a performance level between the standard double twist nets and the very high performance systems, reducing the risk of having to technically and economically oversize an intervention due to the lack of solutions intermediate;

  • High resistance anti-erosion geocomposites with 3.40 mm. mesh, for covering soils with a purely earthy matrix, Arco Fort (high performance mesh + coconut woven biomesh), or with Arrmat Fort three-dimensional geomat;

  • Prefabricated drainage panels and drainage trenches type Drenar and Drenar T (with pre-inserted pipe);

  • Biogabions (greenable gabions);

  • ArrTerr-type inclined facing reinforced soils that can be greened;

  • Reinforced lands with vertical lithoid facing type ArrSystem.

  • Standard stone guard nets;

  • Anti-nutria-anti-yew embankment antifaunistic protection nets;

  • Anti-wildlife and anti-erosion antinutria-anti-shrimp protection nets;

  • standard gabions;

  • Cylindrical gabions and burgues;

  • Reno type mattresses;

  • Anti-ungulate, anti-wild boar and anti-wolf wildlife protection net.

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