Geogrids are used to create retaining walls by means of reinforced soil. Forge welded mesh is used in combination with gabions and caissons to create escarpments.

Seeds and plants are then planted on the walls, protected by special sheets that prevent the detachment and erosion of the soil. This technique satisfies the parameters relative to plant life, perfectly integrating the reinforcement structure within the landscape and nature.

The insertion of natural vegetation and organic material is of fundamental importance in order to minimise the draining effect of water.


With Arrigo Gabbioni Italia S.R.L., in Lecco, you will have access to geogrids for soil reinforcement with high resistance against traction and mechanical stress. Our company, based in Lecco, supplies products which ensure the stabilisation of cliff faces and the reinforcement of riverbanks and riverbeds, compacting surfaces to prevent eventual detachment of rocks and stones, as well as preventing hydrogeological instability, mud falls and landslides.

Technicians at Arrigo Gabbioni Italia S.R.L. aid construction companies in implementing the best possible technology, creating suitable geogrids, in complete respect of technical requirements for each project, offering a range of solutions to prevent the detachment of stones and soil, with the lowest possible impact.

To request a preliminary consultation, contact us on +39 0341 634 776.

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